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This website is run by the pilots who fly the aeroplanes which is why our prices are free of agents commission or brokerage fees.

We don’t sell any other activity.

around London and the South of England.

attractive gift vouchers!

We are involved with all the flying companies and operators on this site, either as pilots or operations staff. We demand that they conform to the most stringent safety regulations often over and above those laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority. Rest assured that all the pilots are professional pilots and Instructors, with all the appropriate qualifications and experience levels.

Aerobatic Experiences
From the mild to the extreme!

Several aircraft are available for aerobatics. In many cases, part of the aerobatic flight can be performed overhead the airfield. This means that this can be watched by family and friends!

Aerobatic Flight Experience Voucher - CAP 10
Location: Headcorn in Kent

This French built aircraft was designed primarily as an advanced aerobatic trainer and competition machine. With a carbon fibre wing and a 180hp engine this aircraft is capable of some very advanced aerobatic manoeuvres including flick rolls and vertical climbs along with all the basic loops, rolls , stall turns, spins, cubans, inverted flight…etc…etc…!

CAP-10 Aerobatic Trainer
25 mins - £160

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CAP10 Aerobatics

25 mins
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