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This website is run by the pilots who fly the aeroplanes which is why our prices are free of agents commission or brokerage fees.

We don’t sell any other activity.

around London and the South of England.

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We are involved with all the flying companies and operators on this site, either as pilots or operations staff. We demand that they conform to the most stringent safety regulations often over and above those laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority. Rest assured that all the pilots are professional pilots and Instructors, with all the appropriate qualifications and experience levels.

Safety First

In the United Kingdom, all aeronautical activity is regulated and controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority. (CAA) This includes everything from operating a major airline at Heathrow, to flying your own small aeroplane from a private airstrip. Consequently all pilots have to hold a licence and to have reached a level of experience particular to the kind of flying they are doing.

Furthermore all aircraft registered in the UK have to meet strict maintenance requirements, especially those used in Public Transport. Not only are the pilots and the aircraft regulated in this way, but the airfields and airports have to come up to the criteria laid down by the CAA Aerodrome Standards department.

When it comes to companies offering flights in aircraft at a General Aviation level, ie small helicopters, or light aeroplanes be they vintage or modern, all this regulation strictly applies. All flying offered on a “Trial Lesson” basis must be conducted by an approved Flying Instructor within the confines of a Registered Facility or a Registered Flight Training Organisation.

All companies offering pleasure flights must be in possession of an Air Operators Certificate issued by the CAA only when that company has conformed to all the regulation including pilot qualification and aircraft maintenance.

All the operators used by StrictlyFlying.com have been extensively checked to ensure that they are operating within all this safety regulation, to assure you that you can enjoy the thrill of flight in whichever area you choose, in comfort and safety.



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