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Strictly Flying

This website is run by the pilots who fly the aeroplanes which is why our prices are free of agents commission or brokerage fees.

We don’t sell any other activity.

around London and the South of England.

attractive gift vouchers!

We are involved with all the flying companies and operators on this site, either as pilots or operations staff. We demand that they conform to the most stringent safety regulations often over and above those laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority. Rest assured that all the pilots are professional pilots and Instructors, with all the appropriate qualifications and experience levels.

Terms & Conditions

Customer: The purchaser of the Voucher and also the recipient of the voucher who participates in the flight or event.
Operator: The Flight School, Flying Club, Event supplier or aircraft operator who is providing the flight or event.
CAA: The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK.
StrictlyFlying: The website www.strictlyflying.com which is owned and managed by Plane Crazy Ltd Registered Office at Headcorn Aerodrome, Headcorn, Kent TN27 9HX.

The following terms and conditions apply to all our flights and customers:

1.0       These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between StrictlyFlying and the customer. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not use or access our services. You must read, agree with and accept all of the requirements contained in these Terms and Conditions, which include those terms and conditions expressly set out below and those incorporated by reference. StrictlyFlying reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of service at any time.
1.1       StrictlyFlying is owned and managed by a small group of professional pilots who are all competent operators in their own right. Consequently, all these operators are either Registered Flight Training Organisations or Registered Facilities as defined by CAA requirements.

2.0       When attending an event for the purpose of participating in a flight offered by an operator, the terms and conditions of that operator will apply. Furthermore the contract shall be deemed to be exclusively between the operator and the customer. StrictlyFlying shall not accept any liability for the event.
2.1       Descriptions of flights on the StrictlyFlying website are as accurate as is reasonably possible at the time of publishing. However some details, such as the specific aeroplane to be used, flight instructor or the route taken are subject to weather and aircraft availability on the day.
2.2       Where an experience is advertised as having a total duration, this is only an indication of the time you are likely to spend at the event; as a consequence the advertised time in the air is usually less than the total duration. Actual flight time in the air is the chocks off to chocks on time and includes taxiing for takeoff and landing time.

3.0       The terms of this contract do not affect consumers' statutory rights under the law of England and Wales.

4.0       Some of the events publicised on the StrictlyFlying website may potentially involve some personal risk, and the customer who is participating in the event may be required to provide proof of identity and age, and may be required to sign a disclaimer on the day. Note that some personal insurance policies may not cover certain events, and you are advised to check your policy well in advance of the event. If you are concerned about cover, then please ask your flight operator at the time of booking as to the terms of their insurance cover. . StrictlyFlying recommends that all voucher holders ensure that they are adequately insured against personal accident, personal liability and, where appropriate, with cancellation insurance.
4.1       All operators require the customer to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The voucher holder and accompanying party must comply with any request made by the operator in all matters relating to flight safety and also your personal safety.
4.2       We are unable to guarantee the standards of safety or the satisfactory performance of all event operators. Operators should observe the highest standards of safety and often are governed by statutory rules and regulations when providing their services. However, StrictlyFlying is not able to undertake any technical examination of the operators' equipment, facilities or services. We are unable to accept liability in respect of unsatisfactory provision or non-performance by the operator as the contract is between the voucher holder and the operator.
4.3       Whilst StrictlyFlying makes every effort to monitor the service provided by the event operators it does not provide any warranty or guarantee as to statements, representations and/or illustrations made by the operator, the performance of the operator with regard to the activity, or the safety standard of the operator. Therefore, any liability that is incurred by the voucher holder as a result of a failure of the operator is the responsibility of the operator and not StrictlyFlying. StrictlyFlying will not be responsible for any personal injury, illness, death (but, not including death or personal injury caused by our negligence), loss or damage of whatever nature (including consequential loss not within the contemplation of the parties) which includes but is not limited to loss of anticipated earnings, profits, goodwill, reputation, business receipts or contracts, losses or expenses resulting from third party claims, suffered by any customer or recipient or other person in connection with or as a result of statements, representations and illustrations made by the Flying club, event supplier or other operator or by participating in any activity.

5.0       Flights offered for sale through StrictlyFlying are often subject to restrictions. Such restrictions may be related to age, height or weight. Each individual event will list any relevant conditions that need to be met by the voucher holder, and it is the responsibility of the purchaser and the voucher holder to ensure that such conditions are met.

6.0       Each valid voucher entitles the voucher holder to the offer as specified on the voucher itself.
6.1       Each voucher has a limited period of validity during which it should be used. Any extension of such a period is solely at the discretion of the operator. Responsibility for arranging the flying experience rests with the voucher holder as identified on the voucher.
6.2       The ability to fly on a particular date is very dependent on a number of factors, including the weather and availability of aircraft and instructors, and hence the voucher holder must bear this in mind when booking a flight with the operator. For safety reasons the final decision about whether a flight should go ahead on a particular day rests exclusively with the operator. Vouchers have no monetary value but offer a limited duration entitlement to an event organised through an operator.
7.0       By purchasing a flight voucher you are entering into a legally binding agreement.
7.1       Vouchers are non-transferable, however changing the name on the voucher is at the discretion of the operator. Only the person whose name is printed on the voucher can redeem the voucher with the operator. Please note that operators may ask the voucher holder for proof of identity prior to commencing an event. Once you have made a purchase, a voucher will be sent to you along with confirmation of purchase. Vouchers themselves can be delivered to the purchaser or directly to the recipient.
7.2       StrictlyFlying endeavours to deliver all posted vouchers within five working days of purchase. Voucher prices quoted are all inclusive and include the cost of the flight experience, the booking fee, and the costs of the flight voucher, the operators and the pilot's expenses. Excluded are any customer’s personal costs, such as those involved in travelling to and from the airfield and any costs deriving from last minute cancellation of a pre-arranged booking.
Prices quoted on the StrictlyFlying website are in UK sterling. All events take place exclusively within the United Kingdom and the purchaser and recipient must have UK mailing addresses.

8.0       All vouchers are sold in good faith, and refunds are at the sole discretion of StrictlyFlying.
If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase then StrictlyFlying will consider a refund of the cost of your un-booked StrictlyFlying gift voucher provided that the request for refund is received. All requests for refunds must be made in writing (including by e-mail) to Customer Service.
8.1       Please note that refunds can only be made to the original purchaser and to the same card that was used in the initial purchase. Refunds can only be given for cancellations due to operational reasons. An administration fee of £18.00 will be levied on all refunds. StrictlyFlying regrets that postal costs cannot be refunded.
8.2       Due to the nature of the events of offer, you must be prepared for possible cancellation at short notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the arranged booking has not been cancelled prior to setting of for the venue. Unfortunately StrictlyFlying is not able to pay any refund or compensation resulting from cancellation of an event for any reason.

8.3       If you do suffer a cancellation as notified by your operator, you must contact the operator at your earliest convenience and within a reasonable time to reschedule your event, as the Voucher validity period can only be extended at the sole discretion of the operater.
8.4       In the unlikely event of multiple cancellations due to weather or aircraft availability during the whole of the validity period of the voucher, strictlyflying reserves the right to apply a surcharge to cover increasing costs occurring after the validity period of the voucher has expired.




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